Thursday, August 28, 2008

An update

This is Megan's Mom. I am updating her blog for her because our computer is down. Our house got hit by lightening and it ruined out computer. Megan is doing great in third grade. She is in class with some of her favorite friends so that helps. She is interested again in cheerleading at St. Mary Academy (the former Mother of Good Counsel). She is being very helpful at home by helping her sisters with their very first year of homework. Megan is a really awesome girl. As soon as we get our computer fixed she will be back to filling in this blog by herself.

Megan you rock!!!!

Love, Mom

Thursday, July 17, 2008

We finally went to the Speed Art Museum!!

Mom took us to the museum. We got to paint. We got to play in a boat in Art Sparks. We did art rubbings. We played in the kitchen. I giggled at all the naked sculptures. :)

This is me in the kitchen. Caroline and Abby are behind me.

We stopped to take a picture of Big Red. This is in front of the school Daddy went to at U of L. Mom says he went to the Business school. It was hot and sunny.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Speed Art Museum

We are going to the Speed Art Museum tomorrow. It was closed today so Mom said we could go tomorrow. I can't wait to go into Art Sparks. That is the part of the museum that is for kids. It sounds like so much fun. We got free tickets to there from the library for reading 10 books.

The girls got new clothes. That is pretty much all they got. We had a birthday celebration at our house on Sat. They did get new scooters. I got Breyer horses and a trailer and pick-up truck for them. I got clothes too. I got ponies. I got a Breyer unicorn. I got a Bella Sara scrapbook and a paint-by-numbers set.

The picture is of me when I turned 5. Mom forgot to charge her camera so she didn't get pictures of us on Saturday. But that is pretty much Mom.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Art Sparks

We got free passes to Art Sparks we may go today . I'm so very exited about going. My sisters are to.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Brigie & Caroline's Dr. appt.

Today I went with my Mom and my sisters to Brigie's and Caroline's 5 year check-up. They were weighed. Their blood pressure was taken. They were measured. They had their blood taken out of their fingertips. Then we went to the library to pick up our prizes for reading 10 books. We got a free guitar backpack full of stuff. We got free admission to Squire Boone Caverns in Indiana. I took a field trip there once with my class. We got a free Frosty from Wendy's. We went and got it after the library. We ate it right at dinner time. We got free tickets to the Art museum and Art Sparks. We got passes to U of L games and one where you could pick whatever game you want. We got tickets to a Louisville Slugger baseball game. I've been to the Louisville Slugger Museum with Susan. We got tickets to go see Thomas Edison's house. My sisters got Kindergarten t-shirts from the library too. We went to Target and got seeds and chalk stuff. Mom sprayed painted our hair pink too. She had a purple stripe in her hair and Brigie had a magenta stripe in hers. Me, Abby, and Caroline had pink stripes. Plus I wore glitter in my hair and all over me.

Horse Riding in my Backyard

It was my fifth birthday. And Papa paid money to bring two ponies to our house. I don't remember their names. The black one we called "Megan's Dreamer."
My friends came to visit. I invited Julia, Taylor, Ali, Mom's triplet friend Carrie and her 4 kids came. My cousins Ana and Evan were here too. Evan helped open the pinata. We had the horses here for over 2 hours!! The horses were dressed up in pink and purple bows. They had ribbons tied in their hair. My favorite part was riding the ponies. My Dad even came too. He brought me my birthday cake. It was a great day.

Abby at the hotel in Indy-17mos.

This is Abby when were in Indiana. She was about to go to bed but Daddy took a picture of her making a cute face. We went to Indianapolis over night a long time ago. We went to visit the science museum there. We stayed in a Holiday Inn. We went swimming. It was a nice place. I was 4 1/2 years old. My Uncle Erik calls Abby "Crazy Girl." Abby wonders why Uncle Erik calls her that. :)